The Violin Knight

  • Czech Republic 
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"The eyes of the white man see different things than I do, than we Roma people do." ... words spoken at the beginning of the shoot by the Violin Knight Marek Balog. Since that moment, this brilliant violin player wanted to have absolute control over the documentary about him. Day after day, he had been patiently asserting his own vision of a "gypsy documentary" until finally, he managed to move the disoriented director of the project to the very fringe of the process. Balog decided to create a real, unbiased picture of the gypsy world, without the limits of realism and rules of plausibility. And so he did. Spontaneously and without any scruples, Marek Balog fuses genres and styles. The film hastily stumbles off any standard paths of documentary film making. Whenever the film takes a sharp turn, it hardly stays within the limits of elementary comprehensibility, only to sudddenly dissapear from the audience's sight over the horizon of amazing gypsy imagination.



  • Original Title
    Houslový rytíř
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
    Jakub Halousek
  • Editing
    Lucie Haladová
  • Sound
    Michal Gábor
  • Runtime
    52 min (46-90 min.)
  • Year
  • Country
    • Czech Republic
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